Friday, 7 October 2016

A whiff of freshness and purity

Have you noticed when you return home after long working hours, you feel tired, a little dizzy, and sometimes extreme fatigue creeps in? That’s the time when you would feel the need of fresh oxygen to rejuvenate your soul. A plant at your home is the solution to these kind of problems. Because your work pressure would never decrease but you have to take care of yourself in a better way so that all these challenges never come in your way. Here is a list of those plants that would make your home look lively and would also add mental peace.

The cheerful Aloe Vera
The long pointed leaves of this plant has medical properties and also offers a great view. You may include the smaller ones for your indoor space and the larger ones for terrace spaces. The gel extracted out of the stems would treat your acne problem and is also a great ingredient for healthy and glowing mane. As it requires dry soil, you don’t have to water it regularly. Such a powerful plant is always a great gift for friends and relatives. So, send plants online using any e-gift shop.

Swirling Spider plant
This plant named Spider plant has an unusual look and grows well in moist soil and bright lights. So, you have to keep it by the window pane from where sunshine comes in. Out of the regular furniture and other home d├ęcor items, this plant would break the visual monotony for your guests. This plant reduces indoor air pollution by soaking the formaldehyde.

Pretty Diffenbachia Plant
This one looks really pretty if kept indoors and grows up to a foot to six feet.  A medium light condition along with evenly moist soil and normal room temperature is all that you would require to grow this plant. The yellow patches over the green leaves makes the look of this plant an interesting one for the viewers. It may interest you to learn that in Brazil this plant is said to ward of the negative energies and any evil eye.

Bamboo Plants

Over the past few years, this plant has become one of the most popular one when someone wants to decorate their home space. Mostly due to Feng Shui concept of being lucky, many families have bought this plant and benefited out of it. If you haven’t planned any gift for your loved ones on any upcoming occasion, you can get lucky bamboo plants online for them and keep them happy as well as fortunate.

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